A Fresh Pair of Eyes

By Emin Tatosian

A common misconception is that large organizations are devoid of ideas and it’s startups that have a monopoly on generating them.


The reality, however, is that ideas are regularly spawned in large organizations – often triggered by daily frustrations – and while some purely wishful, others can have immediate practical relevance.


In my experience, those who live and breathe a particular problem-space have a unique – though not always heard – voice in helping to alleviate daily frictions.


There’s a strong force in large organizations that can extinguish an idea before it’s had a chance to challenge the status quo. Vladislav Rysin of Euronext FX once told me that the machine is often stronger than the individual – in one of our conversations about affecting change in large organizations.


This force – if left unchallenged – will continue to grow stronger and dangerously invisible over time.


Familiar manifestations include:


We’ve always done it this way.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

There’s a good reason for the way things are.


A fresh pair of eyes, however, complemented with an empathetic approach to innovation can break this norm.


Fresh pair of eyes because they’re unbounded by established dogma, and empathetic approach as there’s a fine line between constructive and destructive disruption.


In short, it sometimes takes an outsider to give voice to ideas from within an organization and help them flourish.