Big Data: Predictive Analytics & Actionable Insights

Capital markets businesses – sell side and buy side – sit on top of vast reserves of monetizable data, often unexploited.

Electronic trading – whether in OTC or exchange-traded markets – continually generates large amounts of information byproduct that can be mined for actionable insight.

This is nothing new: largely automated markets such as FX have been mining data for years. Performance tuned algorithms analyze streams of fast-moving data from rival market-makers and key counterparties – which in turn feeds back into their own spot and forward pricing, in real time.

Today, actionable insight extends from machine based arithmetic processes (such as pricing) and into human ones – e.g. alerting a sales trader to contact a specific client, because the algorithm indicates they have an elevated chance of wanting to buy or sell a given security; rather like recommendations on

Knowing where to look for insight is key; as is understanding how to incorporate it into existing workflows to ensure uptake and measure effectiveness.

Achieving the above necessitates an evolved understanding of front office technology, often spanning multiple technology and business silos – as well as an innovative approach to problem solving.

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