Goal-based investing for America's mass affluent

Spurred by the emergence of robo-advisors, investment firms have raced to innovate.

One area receiving attention is goal-based investing – which allows customers to subdivide their account(s) into individual investing pots, each with its own goal, timeframe, and strategy.

For example, a pot named College Fund might have a goal of $400k – with timeframe 10 years and risk ‘moderate’ – plus pre-set contributions deposited monthly and worked in.

Allowing users to customize their investing experience by setting goals – and, crucially, tracking progress and tweaking strategy on-the-go – drives significantly higher levels of interaction than just the web platform alone.

FastFin has plenty of experience helping firms design, implement, and roll out these monetizable channels of communications – and in doing so leap ahead in the race to create and sustain the best, most innovative technology.