Innovation Kickstarter Idea to prototype in 2 to 4 weeks

Innovation Kickstarter Idea to prototype in 2 to 4 weeks


Fixed Cost

Inviting Thought Leaders
For thought leaders and innovation trailblazers at financial firms worldwide, Innovation Kickstarter turns your idea into working software in 2 to 4 weeks.

Your Vision, Brought to Life
Our proven 3-stage process - ideate, design, prototype - rapidly advances an idea to proof-of-concept through a series of collaborative and progressively higher-fidelity iterations.
The entire process is facilitated by FastFin co-founders, fluent in financial markets and experts in design, cutting-edge technology, and agile delivery.

Crystalized Idea

Visual Assets

Prototype backed with working code

Catalyst for Innovation
An Innovation Kickstarter is a powerful catalyst for change. Win support for your idea and help secure funding to build a full product.

A well-rehearsed process
Having delivered 23 Innovation Kickstarters worldwide, we've perfected the process of ideation, design, and prototyping to produce compelling results within days.


Prototypes Delivered Worldwide

Code Wins Arguments

Building a demo will turbocharge your idea and generate tons of excitement.

FastFin’s Innovation Kickstarter achieves this in as little as 4 weeks, start to finish.

Boutique service; we do whatever it takes to bring your idea to life.

FX Auto-Hedging


Case Study
An example of how Innovation Kickstarter brought an idea to life within 4 weeks.

Experience It
Visit our Innovation Lab at One World Trade Center in New York City to see how we rapidly progress ideas to prototypes in 4 weeks.